Raven's Den Art Gallery

Lisa Rush


As a teen I wanted to become a commercial artist. I took art and pottery classes through high school and college. After many jobs not pertaining to art, so I could pay bills, I finally got a job at a newspaper creating print ads. It was at a time when ads were built on a light table and waxed then placed in the copy of the preprinted newspaper page.

I then went on to work at various companies as graphic designer for the next 30 years. Although the light table had given way to the computer. I also had a side freelance business creating graphic design for various businesses for 10 years.

In my off time I still worked on various art projects. Watercolor, acrylic paint, pastels, mixed media, color pencil drawings, altered art objects, clay and pine needle baskets. I am enjoying making clay basket centers, and creating the beautiful pine needle basket that surrounds it. Each is a unique work.

I hope you enjoy browsing my current works.

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